Freida Pinto came into support of Tanushree Dutta with a powerful post

Freida Pinto came into support of Tanushree Dutta with a powerful post


‘I Believe Tanushree Dutta. India – Stand Up, Speak Up,’ Says Freida Pinto In Powerful Post

Tanushree Dutta’s version of events has partly been corroborated by a female journalist and an assistant director, also female, on the film she was working on with Nana Patekar 10 years ago. On Twitter, both women confirmed that they saw Ms Dutta’s trailer surrounded by goons and her car, with her parents inside, attacked. Ms Dutta alleges that Nana Patekar sent political thugs after her when she rejected his advances while filming a song.

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Tanushree Dutta just received an apology from the film body to which she complained 10 years ago – an apology that also absolved the film body from acting on her allegations now. It’s worth noting that most industry voices who have spoken in favour of Ms Dutta have been women, with a few exceptions such as Farhan Akhtar.Nana Patekar denies Tanushree Dutta’s charges and claims to have sent her a legal notice demanding she apologise – Ms Dutta says she has received no such letter.

Here is her tweet:

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Meantime, Mr Patekar continues to film Housefull 4, co-starring Akshay Kumar, who has maintained a resolute silence on the controversy despite his wife Twinkle Khanna’s public support of Ms Dutta.

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